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Renee Paquette is a Canadian sports broadcaster and actress. She is currently an on-air personality with WWE under the ring name Renee Young, where she performs interviewing and commentating duties. She is a former sportscaster for The Score Paquette was born in Toronto, Ontario, and was raised in Ajax, Ontario. She was a child model. After high school, she applied to several colleges and began training in improvisational comedy. At the age of 19, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a comedic actress, but later moved back to Toronto and auditioned for films, music videos, and commercials. ..
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Back from the break and Renee Young is in the ring. She introduces Ryback and out he comes to a pop.

Renee asks if Ryback knows why Bray Wyatt attacked him. Ryback doesn’t but says it was very stupid. Ryback says he’s no stranger to fear. A huge Goldberg chant has broken out. Ryback looks nervous and says he loves them too. He says if you ignore it they will just keep doing it. A “feed me more” chant starts now. Ryback talks about his injuries and says he’s glad to wake up every day hungry. Ryback gets another “feed me more” chant going and says this is why he does what he does. He goes on and says if Wyatt wanted his attention, he’s got it. Ryback says Wyatt never scared him and never will. Ryback says Wyatt woke him up and it’s feeding time. The lights go out and Wyatt appears on the big screen.

Wyatt says Ryback paints himself as an untouchable force but deep down he’s a scared little boy. Wyatt talks about fear and says everything Ryback loves will fade away and in time, so will he. Wyatt tells Ryback to run and we cut to commercial.

We see Rollins walking backstage. Renee Young stops him for comment on his match against Dean Ambrose tonight. Rollins says there’s no point in having the match and Kane is a moron. He walks off and we go to commercial.

Back from the break and Renee Young is waiting on comments from Sami Zayn. The New Day walk up and interrupt her, wondering why she’s not trying to interview them. They’re still celebrating their win from earlier. They start clapping but fans chant “New Day sucks” and in walks Cesaro, Kidd and Natalya. Natalya says the only reason they won is because Reigns and Orton hate each other. The two sides have words and they get the “New Day sucks” chant going again.

(via Online World of Wrestling)

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After discovering that the VHS tape they were served several weeks ago was actually a DVD the entire time, the mystery surrounding the contents of the DVD is revealed. Also an original short based on the comedy of Dolph Ziggler.

(via WWE on YouTube)

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Renee Young stops by the monitor for comments about Kane’s match with Reigns. Seth says that it is obvious that Kane got in over his head. The major difference between Kane and him, besides Kane carrying a senior citizen card while Seth carries around the WWE Championship, is that he does not run away from a fight. He will find a way to win the fight on his own. That is what he is going to do at Payback. He will beat Randy Orton and Roman Reigns by himself. He does not need anyone’s help, not even the help of ‘you two’. He doesn’t need anybody but himself. He is the future and the future is now. That makes him the man.

Renee Young is in the interview area with Ryback. She brings up Ryback being attacked by Bray Wyatt and she asks why would Ryback be Bray’s victim? He says the Eater of Worlds has bitten off more than he can chew. If he wants to question his dedication, he will make a special dedication to Bray Wyatt when he devours Bray’s former disciple Luke Harper. He tells his friend Bray that his message will be very clear and it will not have any big words. It will have three tiny words. Feed . . . Me . . . More.

(via Online World of Wrestling)

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